Strangers I've Already Met

by Sneaky Bones

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Strangers I've Already Met was a dream record for me. I spent two weeks tracking in a giant, old wooden barn in upstate New York. I got to arrange, play, listen, overdub, contemplate, sing, write, and get weird with two of my favorite musicians in the world -- Sam Weber and Marshall Wildman (with a surprise guest appearance by a third, Jim Horbett). Joseph Chudyk, who engineered and mixed the very first Sneaky Bones record, was our omnipresent sonic guide and digital wizard. After we left Byron, NY, I was digging through the liner notes of my favorite contemporary records and kept coming across two names -- Scott Hirsch and Chris Boerner. A series of emails and phone calls landed these tracks in Ojai, CA for mixing and Carrboro, NC for mastering. Scott and Chris gave this record life I didn't know it had. I collaborated with two profoundly talented artists -- Arden Klemmer and Pat Falco -- to build a tactile home for these 11 tracks.

So thank you Sam, Marshall, Joe, Jim, Scott, Chris, Arden, and Pat for Strangers I've Already Met. Thank you to Ian Schofinski for joining us in the barn sauna for 36 hours and documenting the experience. Thank you to Cameron at Welcome to 1979 for putting this on wax. Thank you to my family for your unwavering support and positivity. Thank you to everyone who had ears, eyes, art direction, opinions, advice, and love -- Gordon, Paul, Hamilton, Ana, Alec, and Josiah. Thank you Malcolm for inspiring me to pick up the guitar and make music; for you I'll never stop. And thank you to everyone who spins this record -- this is for you. Heres to all the strangers I've already met.

© 2019 Matthew Bean (ASCAP)
Corporate Sloth Publishing (ASCAP)


released May 17, 2019

Sneaky Bones is MATTHEW BEAN


SAM WEBER (bass, vox, electric guitar, whirly, synth, piano)
MARSHALL WILDMAN (drums, vox, percussion)
JOSEPH CHUDYK (percussion)
SCOTT HIRSCH (crystal strings on STRANGERS)

Tracking and Engineering - JOSEPH CHUDYK at Mockingbird Studios in Byron, NY


Mixing and post production - SCOTT HIRSCH at ECHO MAGIC in Ojai, CA

Mastering - CHRIS BOERNER at THE KITCHEN in Carrboro, NC

Cover Art, art direction, and layout - ARDEN KLEMMER

Interior art and center label - PAT FALCO

Arrangements by BEAN, WEBER, WILDMAN, and CHUDYK

Lacquers and plating - CAMERON HENRY at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN


all rights reserved



Sneaky Bones Seattle, Washington

Strangers I've Already Met is the third full-length LP from US folk artist Sneaky Bones. Matthew Bean created the musical moniker Sneaky Bones in 2014 and has since toured the US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, and New Zealand.

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Track Name: Speed Veins

there is speed running through my veins
hold me close
hear the whistling train

there's a river pulling me downstream
faster now
than i have ever dreamed

the feeling as you push away
watching everything from above
ain't nobody looking your way

breathe it in you are the air
no matter
where you're going
you're gonna find it there
you'll find it there

there's a vision from behind my eyes
motion picture set
with a crew working overtime

there's no breaks to let the credits roll
cast keeps going
until the screen is full

now the lights are going down
cameras turned off
everyones on stage sharing a bow

breathe it in you are the air
no matter
where you're going
i know you'll find it there
you'll find it there
Track Name: All I Need

some days it feels like
i'm diggin for gold
a speck in a river
fast and cold
other days it's breaking rocks
between my palms
dreams thin as skin
ground away

but it would all be for nothing
if you went away

cause you're all i need
you're all i need
a tall drink of water
when the sun won't set on me

mouth is dry
not a raincloud in sight
cracks begin in my lizard skin
but you're by my side
cause you're all i need

well the heat keeps going
cold sweat on my skin
take every ounce
these old bones have got to give
but lay it on me
every brick you got
i'll take the weight from you

but it would all be for nothing
if you didn't stay

Track Name: Strangers

is all it takes
a little hope that the past is the past
and the future is what we await

it will pick you up
get you excited like when you were a kid
and your heart couldn't handle the heavy stuff

stuck on the same thing
can't see whats in front of my face
but i'm picturing you

everyone is changing
i'm standing in the same place
faded as the picture of you

something i recall
tell the story a thousand times
till it's nothing like what happened at all

of the future tense
so nostalgic for things that haven't happened
i see strangers i know i've already met

faces in a crowd
only seem to be a slight variation
in the simulation we call the now

strain not to stare
break for a moment but we both come back
to a vague memory we already share

Track Name: Wear Me Down

all the metal turned to rust
when the paint turned to dust
scraped a few fenceposts along the way

i'm feeling rough around the corners
seasons dull all the borders
not looking new anymore these days

so steal my keys
take it fast and far
drive like it's your job to fuck up this car

said you gotta take it all off
don't try to fix a spot
wear it all down so you can see what you really got

wear me down
oh wear me down, down, down
wear me down swiftly
tumbling easy
wear me down smooth like the rocks in the riverbed

letting go
the frame begins to show
the wear is getting deeper and evenly bad

getting used to passerbys
drop their jaw and avert their eyes
almost down to where i planned

Track Name: Carolene
(bean, weber, wildman)

you've been loitering
in an unfamiliar place
don't know how to rest
or catch a break

the barriers
are getting harder to climb
so go on take a load off
i got the time
carolene i got the time

so cara lean on me
i ain't ever falling down
cara lean on me
i can't stop being around
cara lean on me
i can give you all you need
whoa - oh - oh

go ahead and stop
and take that rock out your shoe
standing on one leg
is harder to do

reaching out
you try not to fall
but if you land on me
don't worry at all
carolene not at all

Track Name: Gambler's Dream
(bean, weber, wildman)

rigged like a casino game honey
life's set up
to take all your money
it's amazing anyone plays at all

feeling like a roulette spin
slowing down
stopping only when the house wins
and i met you at the table
when our numbers weren't called

but i'll
take a little chance on you
take a little chance on you
caught a little bad luck honey
but i guess we all do
so i'll
take a little chance on you

why do the odds get longer
when you're with another person
they should get stronger
instead you both have twice as much to lose

even if you find someone
who makes you feel
like you're a win in the long run
it's a gamblers dream that the losing is through

Track Name: When Does It Hit You

how many times
have i sat in this old chair
eyes climbing the walls
trying to remember what was there

how many times
have i missed you this much
but you're somewhere else
the sky can't even touch

when does it hit you
that you're all alone
with a vacant face like outer space
and the noise of a silent phone

when does it hit you
that they won't be back around
it's a telephone call you can never make
no matter what you dial

how many times
has the fire gone out
hearth stopped burning
just as the heat was pouring out

how many times
would you wake up in the night
warm from the dreams we shared
to a cold wondering why


how many times
has the grass grown over top
the dust of rusted nails
that the water finally got

Track Name: Sore Eyes

keep coming back
to the same old thing again
wondering where i wanna end up
when this all ends

i could go anywhere
that's not the problem
it's about how your spend your moments
till you ain't got em

i don't know
where i'll be
when i gotta go
so let the pedal
off the floor
i'm trying to catch a glimpse of everywhere
and my eyes are getting sore

things they move
try and figure out why they're happening
but actually they didn't move
till you started watching

trying to make sense
of a world infinitely long
try as hard as you like
but it will blink
and then you're gone


looking for a break
to stop my eyes
flashing like a broken slot machine
looking for a break
so i can try
scanning the horizon
sun don't set on me

Track Name: David Jones

i can't tell you
no crazy stories
you lived each one
crazier than the last

i can't show you
no freaky pictures
you were striking a pose
every time the camera flashed

you come from
david jones
not one of our own

you go today
back to space
headed home
i look to the stars
and think of where you've gone

i can't put on
no ladies clothing
you haven't worn before

i can't give you
no fancy powders
you lived on magic
for a couple years or more


leave just yet
so much music left
leave just yet
so much music left

Track Name: Trees

you look like
you could use a pick me up
no i don't see anything wrong
you just seem a little stuck

don't mean nothing
it's just where you are right now
well i got a friend
who'd give you sage advice
but he's hard to track down

where does he live?
well out with the giants of the west
somewhere along the mackenzie river
in a forest he knows the best

i don't know
i just remember what he said to me
as we were sitting at the base
of a 600-year-old doug fir tree

whatever you're looking for man
you can find it way up in the trees
climb higher and higher
till you can't see down
and trust me you gonna get what you need

if you don't believe me man
watch those birds fly around
don't it look effortless
to feel weightless
well the secret is to leave the ground

used to drive up
the highway and take a left
dodge as many trees at high speed
till he got stuck in a mess

jump out laughing
wrap the winch round something strong
say that was a good one
we almost made it
hey turn it up thats my favorite song

Track Name: Autobahn
(bean, weber)

it's raining so hard
i can barely hear your voice
and the wiper blades
can't cut through the river coming down full force

it's not the first time
you said you couldn't take it
but it will be the last time
we'll have this conversation

i've got so
many miles to go
and i always pictured you with me
till my engine runs cold

i know there's nothing
to change the way i feel

but if i drive this car fast enough
windows down, wind whipping by
faster than the rain can fly
my tears won't hit the wheel

just passed the next
no speed limit sign
can be stop and go on the autobahn
but now it's time to drive

best part
i don't need any math
no miles or kilometeres
just the headlights ripping past


as i slow down for a mistimed pass
i imagine ripping through the wood and steel
just a soft turn away

would i hit the ditch and roll
or would i make it to the other side
would the airbags roar from their plastic caves

and as i picture the collide
there's a honking horn
and a flash of brights
and i'm back to my empty lane
so i push the pedal down all the way


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